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I help women activate their superpower with Breath Awareness

so that they can live the life they desire!

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It's time to master your mindset!

With the power of breath awareness you can reduce stress, calm anxiety, heal past traumas, get clear on what you really want, and be open to new possibilities you never even imagined possible.


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Here are three ways we can work and make magic together:

30 minute 1:1 Integrative Experience

Let’s reset the body and allow us to clear out the stuck emotionality

60 minute 1:1 Meditative Journey

When you need to promote the deepest self-healing and personal transformation.

60 minute Guided Workshop

A journey of healing and personal transformation in a group of 3-8 breathers

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I am an International Breathwork Facilitator, curious solo traveler and chronic over-thinker .

With the help of breathwork I have been able to calm my anxiety, tap into my intuition and master a mindset that is open to receiving more than I could have imagined.

And I'm here to help you do it too!

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1:1 Integrative

A 30 minute session to quickly reset the body and get clarity of your mind

1:1 Meditative

A 60 minute journey promoting self-healing and personal transformation

Group Workshop

A 60 minute workshop to discover personal growth through self-healing 

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